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VR Accessories - Lens Protector - Len Cover - Cable Clip - 65mm IPD Mod - Compatible with Meta Quest 2

VR Accessories - Lens Protector - Len Cover - Cable Clip - 65mm IPD Mod - Compatible with Meta Quest 2

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NOTE: This is third-party, we are not affiliated with Meta or Oculus in any way.

Enhance your VR Experience and Protect your Quest 2 with our accessory kit!

Lens Protector Set - will add a raised edge to your lenses to prevent glasses from scratching them or your face from leaving grease marks on the lenses
Designed in house at PixelStrikeLabs

Lens Cover Set - will protect your Quest 2 lenses when you aren't playing. Cover your lenses to prevent accidental damage, dust buildup or accidental UV damage from the sun.
Covers designed to fit the stock lenses (not the protectors).
Note: These covers are designed to right tolerances to ensure a good fit so they don't fall off. They can be tricky for some the first time you install them, if you need help feel free to shoot us a message :)
Designed in house at PixelStrikeLabs

65mm IPD Adapter - Increases the IPD distance of the Quest 2 lenses one extra setting higher than the stock settings. This is for those who have larger faces or people whose eyes are 65mm which is higher than the Quest 2 officially supports. As an added bonus, these also double as lens protectors.
Desifned by Thrywyn

VR Cable Clip - Works with elite straps and stock headset straps. Adds an easy to use clip to keep earbuds wires, Charging cable or PCVR cable routed to the side of the headset so it won't ruin your immersion.
Designed by rwmahr

FULL KIT - Includes Lens protectors, lens covers and both VR Cable clips. (IPD Bracket can be substituted for the lens protectors if you message me)

Lens Protector kit Works with Quest 2 / Quest and Rift S

All other accessories are for Quest 2 Only.

All accessories are easily removable and does not void any warranties!

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