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iPad Compatible Docking Wall Mount

iPad Compatible Docking Wall Mount

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Easily dock your iPad to the wall to save space and keep it functional. Designed to be easily removable, simply slide the tablet out of the top and take it with you.

Great for looking at recipes or watching YouTube while cooking, wall mounted Spotify player or even perfect for a smart home dashboard.

This mount has a hole in the middle for the option of installing it over a recessed outlet to power the tablet.
Or you can easily run the wires through the premade wire management grooves built right into the mount.

Tablet slides down into the mounting plate to keep it secured in place and can be easily removed by tlslidong the tablet back up.

Installation is simple:
1. Tape the tablet adapter to the back of your tablet using our durable preinstalled tape. (Good up to 5lbs).
Tape can be removed if you ever need to.

2. Find a place you want to mount the tablet and screw in the mounting plate.

3. Simply slide the back of the tabled down into the mounting plate on the wall.

4. To remove the table, slide the tablet upwards.

Tape removal: Twist the tablet plate while pulling away from the tablet slowly until the tape detaches. If there is any residue, use isopropyl alcohol or goo gone to remove.

CREATED BY: schulza
LICENSE: Creative Commons - Attribution

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Product does what it needs to do..

Product does what it needs to do..