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Coffee Bean Extension for DeLonghi ECAM / Magnifica S Models - 750 / 1000 gram expansion

Coffee Bean Extension for DeLonghi ECAM / Magnifica S Models - 750 / 1000 gram expansion

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Increase the bean storage of your Delongi ECAM / Magnifica S automatic coffee machines. Fits your original lid and includes a passthrough to easily load grounds. Holds 500 - 750g (for 750g size) or 900- 1000g (for 1000g size) depending on the type of beans you use.

Available in Black, White or Grey. I can do custom colours as well.

- Set aside original bean container lid
- Place Bean hopper extension on top of the coffee bean reservoir
- Fill the beans as you normally would inside the extender
- Close the extender using the original bean container lid

- Wipe with damp cloth or handwash in sink (not dishwasher safe)
- Do not remove hopper while it is full (beans will spill)

Designed with care by Lyryln (thingiverse(dot)com/thing:4941157) under the Creative Commons License 
and modified by WormPopLas

Works with almost every Delonghi ECAM & Magnifica S & ECAM 22.140.B COMPACT models. Here is an in depth list of all models compatible:
13.123.B ECAM 20.110.B ECAM 20.116.B S ECAM 21.110.B ECAM 21.110.SB ECAM 21.110.W ECAM 21.112.B ECAM 21.116.B S ECAM 21.116.SB S ECAM 21.117.B ECAM 21.117.SB S E17 21.118.B ECAM 21.118.W ECAM 22.105.B ECAM 22.110.B ECAM 22.110.SB ECAM 22.110.W ECAM 22.117.B ECAM 22.320.B ECAM 22.320.SB ECAM 22.360.B ECAM 22.360.SCAM ECAM 22.362.2B SCAM ECAM 22.362. S S ECAM 23.120.B ECAM 23.120.SB ECAM 23.123.B ECAM 23.210.W ECAM 23.216.B ECAM 23.217.SB ECAM 23.266.B Smart ECAM 23.420.SB ECAM 23.420.SR ECAM 23.420.SW ECAM 227B3.4 ECAM.426.SB ECAM 23.427.R ECAM 23.450.B EX:3 ECAM 23.450.S EX:3 ECAM 23.460.B ECAM 23.460.S ECAM 23.463.B ECAM 23.466.B ECAM 23.466.S ECAM 24.210.SB ECAM 24.450.S ECAM 24.467.S ECAM 25.120.B ECAM 25.120.SB ECAM 25.128.B ECAM 25.128.R ECAM 25.128.Y ECAM 25.452.B ECAM 25.452.S ECAM 25.457.B ECAM 25.457.S ECAM 25.462.B ECAM 26.462.S ECAM.25.B464.S

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Customer Reviews

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The item was manufactured to the quality I...

The item was manufactured to the quality I expected being 3D printed. But the fort was excellent. I can fit an entire kilo of beans in my machine note. It's awesome!! You really need one of these👍

Très bonne qualité Oui Oui

Très bonne qualité